Journal of the Law and Computers Association of Japan



LAW AND COMPUTERS, No.33, July 2015

Special Issue: Law and Policy Concerning the Information and Communication Platform / Issues in Cryptocurrency (Concerning Bitcoin)


Foreword, Toyohiro Nomura, 1
< Presentations at the 39th Law and Computers Association Conference>
Research Analysis
Two-Sided Market and the Law, Shuya Hayashi, 7
An Overview of the Bitcoin System, Kenji Saito, 21
Legal Issues of Crypto-currency, Toyohiro Nomura, 31
The Present Situation in Cryptocurrency in Foreign Countries, Shino Uenuma, 39
The Possibilities and Challenges of Cryptocurrency, Mitsuru Iwamura, 45
Panel Discussion, Mitsuru Iwamura, 53
< Special Reports >
The Use of Social Media by the Legal Profession –Problems Within Information Collection-, Hironao Kaneko, 65
< Research Analyses from Sub-Groups>
Managing and Auditing Social Media in Businesses, Hajime Yoshitake, 73
Current Condition in Deployment, Technological Trends and Systems for Cloud Computing and Big Data, Takashi Shitamichi, 79
A New Dimension in the International Personal Data Protection Framework, Fumio Shimpo, 87
< Book Reviews > ,93
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A List of Law and Computer Related Publication, 95


LAW AND COMPUTERS, No.32, July 2014

Special Issue: Big Data, My number, Privacy – Or Reconsideration of Personal Information Protection System


Foreword, Toyohiro Nomura, 1
< Presentations at the 38th Law and Computers Association Conference >
Keynote Lecture: Legal Approach to Big Data-Personal Identification and Disidentification, Hisamichi Okamura, 3
Comparative study of law on relations between a personal-number system and a personal information protection law system: an example of Austria and Germany, Shizuo Fujiwara, 21
< Research Reports >
Proposal of the way of handling confidentiality of communications for big-data business and reasonably acceptable web privacy, Hideki Yoshii, 29
Big Data and Personal Data, Ichiro Satoh, 39
Effect and abuse prevention of My Number pursuant to the My Number Act, Masako Mizumachi, 49
Legal problems of a personal number system, Madoka Sakamoto, 59
Reform for the system of procurement related to information systems, and thes ystem regarding governmental CIO in Japanese government, Toshiyuki Odaira, 69
Overview of a new public personal authentication and its private use, Takashi Obi, 79
Panel Discussion, Fumio Shimpo, 87
< Reports of Research Sub-Group >
Social Security and Tax Number System, and Identity Federation Trust Framework, Hisafumi Mitsushio, 103
Personal information Impact Assessment, Yoichi Seto, 111
Hitachi's approach and practice of privacy protection in its big data business, Toshinori Kajiura, Nobuyuki Tajiri, Tadashi Mima, Yasuhiro Miyazawa, 121
< Book Review > 127
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List of Computer Related Publication, 135


LAW AND COMPUTERS, No.3l, September 2013

Special Issue: Intellectual Property in the Cloud Era and its Appropriate Regulation-Criminal Law, Civil Law-


Foreword, Toyohiro Nomura, 1
In Memory of Professor Zentaro Kitagawa, Yukio Ohno, 3
< Presentations at the 37th Law and Computers Association Conference >
Keynote Speech: Intellectual property rights and their proper regulation in times of cloud computing -the criminal perspective, Christian Schwarzenegger, 7
< Research Reports >
Difficulties in Investigating Unlawful Websites Assisting Distribution of Illegal Information, Ko Shikata, 15
Perspectives on the Copyright Law Regarding the Introduction of Criminal Punishment for Illegal Downloading, Masayuki Matsuda, 21
Criminalization of Illegal Downloading -Practice and Problems of Investigations, Yutaka Kubota, 31
Issues of the Supreme Court Decision on Winny Criminal Case From a Copyright Law Perspective, Fumio Sakka, 41
Issues of the Supreme Court Decision on Winny Criminal Case -From a Criminal Law Perspective-, Motoki Shizume, 53
Illegal Downloading of Digital Contents in Cloud-Computing Environment, Junji Akaiwa, 83
Criminal Enforcement of Copyright in Japan, Toshiya Kaneko, 99
Civil Actions in the Cloud Era, Hironao Kaneko, 115
Panel Discussion, Masayuki Matsuda, 125
< Reports of Research Sub-Group >
Information Security from the relation between Human, Organization and Information, Haruto Kitano, 147
PMBOK and Project Risk Management -Points in applying Software Packages made overseas, Shigeaki Horikoshi, 153
< Book Review > 159
< Bibliography >
List of Computer. Related Publications, 171


LAW AND COMPUTERS, No.30 September 2012

Special Issue: The Present Conditions and Legal Issues of Network Business / Regarding the Crime on Computer Viruses / Legal Issues in the Great East Japan Earthquake


Foreword, Toyohiro Nomura, 1
< Presentations at the 36th Law and Computers Association Conference >
Research Reports
Would Twins of Recent Japanese Supreme Court's Copyright Cases Kill the Promising Youth of "Business on the Internet" or Nurture them?, RyutaHirashima, 3
Current Legal Issues on Electronic Books and Developments thereof, Ichiro Nakazono, 29
Legal Issues raised by Cloud Computing Services, Masato Umtani, 43
Regarding the Crime on Computer Viruses, AtsushiYamaguchi, 59
The Legal Issues on the (Fukushima) Nuclear Disaster, Yukio Ohno, 65
Compensation of Nuclear Damages: Building the Structure of the Relief of the Victims in a Large-scale Disaster, Toyohiro Nomura, 101
NTT's Countermeasures for Disasters -The NTT Group's Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, Osamu Iwai, 109
Panel Discussion, Yukio Ohno, 115
< Special Report >
Events caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and their Problems from the Information Security Viewpoint, Yoshihiro Tagawa, 133
< Contribution >
Overall Survey of Legal Injunction System set forth in Statutes For Construction of Proper Legal Injunction System against Distribution of Information, Ichiro Nakamura, 141
< Reports from Research Sub-Group >
Personal Information Protection Law and Information Security, Hajime Yoshitake, 151
Can Social Media Policies control employees' social activities?, Toru Maruhashi, 159
< Book Review> 167
< Bibliography >
List of Computer Related Publications, 171